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Vybe, a DCGI grade vibrating kinetic anesthesia device, offers optimum relief during medical procedures.
How it works
Imagine, if nerves were a series of roads. The pain nerves are like bumpy by lanes while the vibrational nerves resemble the highway, where one can zip at a higher speed. This is what VYBE does:
VYBE saturates the vibrational nerves and distracts the brain from painful bylanes.It's a path-breaking (literally) technology that eases procedures like Botox, fillers, PRP, lasers and every other procedure that requires a prick of a needle, including vaccination pricks and simple blood draws.
The device senses pressure and turns on automatically
It has a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for 4 hours
The vibration frequencies are configured to activate the two main vibration receptors of the skin (Meissner's and Pacinian Corpuscles)
Two-vibration touch points provide a wide and comprehensive anaesthetic zone between the thumb and index finger of the non-dominant hand, thus providing optimal pain reduction
A one-time investment, VYBE doesn't require any add-ons
Small contact points are designed to reach small areas like the eyelids/lips
VYBE cancels the need for an assistant to operate the device and synchronize their movement with that of the doctor
Our research has recorded a significant increase in follow-ups and the ability to conduct certain procedures without anaesthesia.
Patients who preferred VYBE over topical anaesthesia
Reduction on average on the visual analogue scale
Increase in follow-ups and referrals
Dr. Prathamesh Gupta
Marwah Skin Clinic
It's an innovative approach of using vibration therapy for pain management, especially for injectable cosmetology procedures. The automation of the device using touch sensors is an amazing idea and the techie look of vybe adds flair to the treatment. Honestly speaking, it doesn't require an effort to get used to and becomes quite an extension of your fingertips and works very very instinctively.
Dr. Preeti Kothari
Skinerva Clinic, South Bombay
Vybe is a novel instrument in pain management during injectable cosmetology procedures. It greatly improves patient satisfaction especially during procedures such as PRP and Mesotherapy. The rate of follow-up has increased since the introduction of the Vybe device into our practice.
Dr. Manoj Ghoghare
Sai Sparsh Skin Clinic, Ahmednagar
Vybe really does take the pain away, making painful procedures like PRP and Mesotherapy not just bearable, but also a pleasant experience! Moreover, Vybe has as sleek, ergonomic design and it got incorporated into my everyday procedures in a seamless manner.
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